Help Bond Me

Real talk

If I took your cell phone right now, how many 10 digit phone numbers would your remember? That's what they do in the county jail. They take your cell phone and then expect you to call somebody to bond you out.

Check it

But what if you could send text, email and direct message notifications to bond out? The more people you hit up, the better your chances of getting a response. The more responses you get, the less each person has to put up to make the bond.

How we do

We make it easy to raise bond money. Just login and send notifications. After that, you can:

  1. Recieve pledges
  2. Raise bond money
  3. Transfer funds to a bail bondsman

How much?

We keep the cost so low you won't even think about it. It's 0.6% of the bail amount. For real.

Jeremy was arrested for posession of a controlled substance. The judge set bail at $10,000. Jeremy's girl used the Help Bond Me app to send 200 text, email and direct message notifications. The bail bond company charged 10% of the bail ($1,000). Help Bond Me charged 0.6% of the bail ($60). In one hour, 53 friends, family and followers pledged $20 each to raise $1,060. Jeremy bonded out the same day.