Our Pricing

We were born from the need to save lives. We aim to be part of the solution and not the problem. We will never be a predatory company that forces people to pay for a service. Our primary concern is getting people out of jail.

At the heart of our solution is our detention center kiosk. It's a 19" touchscreen device that we deliver to the jail at no cost. Each unit is stand-alone and contains a 4G LTE modem connected to the T-Mobile data network. We provide the data connection at no charge.

Every pretrial detainee can use our kiosk to send arrest notifications for free. If friends and family choose to use our system to raise funds for bail, there is a 6% platform fee. The fee is consistent with other fundraising platforms and helps us to cover costs associated with the kiosks, data, web hosting, development, support, etc.

Platform Fee
2.9% + 0.30
Payment Processing Fee
8.9% + 0.30
Total Fees