Our System

Detention Center Kiosk

Our kiosk enclosure is made of 14 gauge steel. It houses a 19" touchscreen display protected by shatter-proof glass.

The kiosk includes a built-in 4G LTE modem. It can be wall or table mounted and only requires a 120VAC connection for power.

It is truly plug-n-play.

Contact Retrieval

Most people cannot recall more than two phone numbers stored on their smartphone.

Our kiosk allows pretrial detainees to retrieve smartphone contacts from the cloud.

If that's not enough, the kiosk can also retrieve contacts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Arrest Notifications

Over 97% of millennials own a smartphone. Their primary mode of communication is messaging.

Our kiosk uses messaging to send private arrest notifications to friends, family and followers via text messaging, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Mobile Web Application

The median bail amount in the United States is $25,000. Over 75% of pretrial detainees rely on friends and family for those funds. Sadly, most of them fall short.

Our mobile web application includes a private fund raising platform that allows friends, family, and followers to raise bail money faster than ever before.

Our Fee

Our fee for this service is 6% of the bail amount. For example, a $10,000 bail requires a $1,000 deposit to the facility. Friends, family and followers would need to raise a total amount of $1,060 to complete the campaign.

Our Guarantee

If friends, family and followers are unable to successfully raise the required bail amount within 90 days, the campaign is closed and all funds are returned.