The fastest way to raise bail money in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas County Jail Lew Sterrett

Let's face it. Raising bail money for Dallas County Jail Lew Sterrett is not easy. It often takes a group of people to raise the entire amount. That process can take days, weeks or even months.

Top 3 reasons why people can't raise bail money.

  • The person in jail cannot remember the phone number of the person to call.
  • The person called does not recognize the number from jail.
  • The person called cannot raise the entire bail bond amount alone.
One phone call is not enough.

Now there's an easier way to raise bail money.

With Help Bond Me, you can instantly contact people in your social network. We send notifications on Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and Text Message (SMS). Each person receives a private message asking them to help raise bail money.

Our fund raising platform keeps track of donations. When the total amount is raised a bail bondsman makes the release. The process is quick and easy.

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